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Understanding the pitfalls of reverse mortgages
Los Angeles Times
Here's how the Federal Trade Commission defines a reverse mortgage: "In a 'regular' mortgage, you make monthly payments to the lender. In a 'reverse' mortgage, you receive money from the lender, and generally don't have to pay it back for as long as ...

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Reverse Mortgage Daily

Thanksgiving Round-Up: Reverse Mortgages Get Tougher
Reverse Mortgage Daily
CBS News Weighs Reverse Mortgage Benefits in Retirement—For individuals nearing retirement with modest savings but considerable home equity, a reverse mortgage can be practical in supplementing savings, suggests CBS News MoneyWatch in a recent ...

Tighter standards on reverse mortgages
Charlotte Observer
Last week the Federal Housing Administration, whose reverse mortgage program dominates the field, adopted guidelines tightening eligibility standards as part of an effort to avoid additional losses to government insurance funds. The changes, which are ...

The Real Deal Magazine

Qualifying for reverse mortgages will become harder
Los Angeles Times
Are reverse mortgages headed in reverse? Based on forthcoming federal rule changes for seniors who expect to apply for one, you might think so. But as a taxpayer, you might say bravo: Toughening up qualification standards — including such basics as ...
Washington Post: Reverse Mortgages Get TougherReverse Mortgage Daily

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Reverse mortgages: Are they worth it?
Under the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program — which is the program used most often by reverse mortgage lenders — a 65-year-old who owns a house worth $250,000 with no outstanding ...

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Fox Business

Should I Seek a Reverse Mortgage on Mom's House?
Fox Business
If you're acting on your mother's behalf, using the power of attorney to take out a reverse mortgage, you should know that the mortgage comes due when she dies, or after 12 months if she moves into a nursing home and is no longer using the home as her ...

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Wholesale, Retail Post September Reverse Mortgage Gains
Reverse Mortgage Daily
The increase in reverse mortgage endorsements in September spread the growth virtually identically across the retail and wholesale channels, the latest Reverse Market Insight report shows. Total endorsement growth reached 15.8% through September ...

ABC News

How Reverse Mortgages May Back You Into a Corner
ABC News
You've probably seen the many commercials on television where actors plug reverse mortgages. They talk generally about the benefits of this financial product, but fail to tell viewers exactly what a reverse mortgage is. Reverse mortgages are a way to ...

CFPB Sets Sights On Mortgage Rulemaking Changes, Agenda Reveals
Reverse Mortgage Daily
Recently, more than 40 organizations in California called upon the CFPB to bring greater transparency to HMDA to address a variety of proposals, including those related to non-borrowing reverse mortgage spouses. In addition, the CFPB is also “focused ...

Seniors Explain: Why We Got A Reverse Mortgage |
Mike Ryan was so skeptical of reverse mortgages that he thought for two years about getting one before he finally did it. The idea of taking equity out of his house, tax-free and with no monthly payments, was appealing. But still, he wasn't sure. Then ...
GSF Mortgage Welcomes Reverse Mortgage Team in (press release)

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As a result of the reforms enacted by FHA beginning in September 2013 to protect non-borrowing spouses and ensure the long-term stability of the HECM program, much of the press coverage has been positive in 2014. In this section, we have provided links to some of the more favorable stories published in regional and national newspapers during the past year.

The Wall Street Journal-September 22, 2014
When the Client Educate the Advisor

Los Angeles Times- September 21, 2014
Many Seniors Trying to Retire With a Mortgage

The Washington Post-September 20, 2014
Reverse Mortgages No Fast Ticket to Retirement East Street

The New York Times-September 19, 2014
Parents, the Children Will Be Fine. Spend Their Inheritance. Now.

Associated Press/ABC News-September 15, 2014
Once Troubled Reverse Mortgages Poised for Rebound

Kiplinger's Personal Finance-October 2014
New Reverse Mortgage Rules Protect Younger Spouses

Sandusky (OH) Register-September 8, 2014
Reverse Mortgages Help Many Seniros in Retirement

Fort Worth Star-Telegram-July 25, 2014
New Rules on Reverse Mortgage Designed to Make Loans Safer for Elderly

The Villager Newspaper
(CO)-July 23, 2014
Boomers Seeking Ways to Fund Longevity

Denver Post-July 19, 2014
Denver a Test Market for Reverse Mortgage Rebranding

The Dallas Morning News-July 16, 2014
Reverse Mortgages Are Becoming a Financial Planning Tool

Tampa Bay Times-June 13, 2014
Reverse Mortgage is a Useful Financial Tool (Op-ed by Peter Bell, President/CEO, NRMLA)

The Palm Beach Post-June 8, 2014
New Reverse Mortgage Rule Aims to Keep Surviving in Home

The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)-May 19, 2014
Forward Thinking Through Reverse Mortgages (Op-ed by Peter Bell, President/CEO, NRMLA)

The Wall Street Journal-March 22, 2014
A Kindler, Gentler Reverse Mortgage

Journal of Financial Planning-March 2014
Retirement Trends, Current Monetary Policy, and the Reverse Mortgage Market

Financial Advisor IQ-March 4, 2014
Look Who's Recommending Reverse Mortgages

Kiplinger's Retirement Report-March 2014
What Heirs Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages

The New York Times-February 13, 2014
Retiring on the House

MarketWatch-December 17, 2013
Expect Reverse Mortgages to Grow in Popularity

MarketWatch-October 9, 2013
New Rules Could Revive Reverse Mortgages

The New York Times-September 6, 2013
Tighter Rules Will Make It Harder to Get a Reverse Mortgage

The Wall Street Journal-August 16, 2013
Reverse Mortgages Can Benefit Retirees, Both Wealthy and Not

Jane Bryant Quinn, Personal Finance Commentator-August 15, 2013
A great reverse mortgage idea: Take a credit line now

The New York Times-July 12, 2013
Rules for Reverse Mortgages May Become More Restrictive

The Mortgage Professor-July 4, 2013
Using a Reverse Mortgage to Avoid Impoverishment

The Miami Herald-April 22, 2013
Aging in Place: A New Frontier in Housing

The Wall Street Journal-February 5, 2013
Reverse Mortgage Redo